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Our Ethos

There has been a pre-school and playgroup in Malborough since 1976, providing an important service to young families in the village and nearby settlements. The overall goal for our pre-school is to continue to provide a high standard of care and education.

We aim to...

– Create a warm, welcoming and safe environment
– Help and develop children’s confidence and self-esteem
– Support and stimulate your child’s development
– Allow children to learn through play
– Act as a positive role model
– Welcome all families, irrespective of their culture, race, religious beliefs or ability
– Agree to review and update our policies as and when deemed necessary or annually

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We recognise that...

all children are unique and have equal worth and value.

Therefore we encourage children to:

– set their own challenges and make their own decisions.
– be independent and confident
– think for themselves
– think creatively
– develop lively, enquiring minds


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