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Practical Information

Malborough Pre-School is open Monday to Thursday from 9.10am until 3.30pm and Friday 9.10am until 1.00pm. Children can attend mornings, afternoons or all day (subject to availability).

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Monday-Friday from 9.10am until 11.45am.


Lunch Club:

Monday-Friday from 12.00pm until 1.00pm.



Monday-Thursday from 1.00pm to 3.30pm.



We prepare a healthy snack mid-morning and offer either milk or water to drink. We ask that you send your child to pre-school with a drinks bottle of water (which will be refilled if needed). We ask that parents bring in a healthy snack donation - this can be fruits, vegetables, crackers, etc. You could bring in a box of breadsticks or cereal to last the half-term. We love trying new things! However, we ask that you do not send in anything containing nuts.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies or dietary needs.

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At present, we ask you to send your child to pre-school with a lunch box for lunch club. . We also ask that you do not include nuts or chocolate spread in your child's lunch box due to allergies.


Here at Malborough Pre-School we use Tapestry.

Every child has their own personal Learning Journal which parents can access at home.


When you log on to the Learning Journal you will be able to view all of your child's observations, photographs and videos that have been taken during their time at the setting.

This allows you to follow your child's personal progress closely.

We ask that you do not post your child's Tapestry observations on social media as there may be other children in the observations.

You can also add observations and photographs yourself! These are always welcome as we love to see the adventures your child goes on when they are not in the setting. This helps us discover more about your child's interests and allows us to bridge the gap between home life and Pre-School


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