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Our Facilities

We have lots of different areas for the children to explore here at Malborough Pre-School. These include: the Patchroom, the Garden, the Patch and the Fairy Garden.

The Patchroom

Our Pre-School, the Patch Room, is on the site of Malborough Primary School. We have our own building and garden in a quiet part of the site. Our indoor classroom provides a wide range of small world and role play activities. It hosts our book corner and ICT area. It is also where our children enjoy circle times (although when the weather is nice we have these outside) with exciting stories, music and movement.

We allow the children to access resources independently. Each area of the setting enables them to explore the 7 areas of learning.

October 18th 003.JPG

The Garden

We have a spacious garden area for the children to run around.

Over Easter in 2022 we plan on converting the old carpet and path into all weather artifical grass.

We have a climbing frame and slide that the children love to use for their role play.

We also have two playhouses - these provide opportunities to create role play areas, a book corner and a sandpit.

We also have an undercover soft play area.

The Patch

The Patch is at the front of our Pre-School.

This is where the children grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers. This allows the children to learn the concepts of growth and change.

The area also has a mud kitchen and the children enjoy creating potions, pies and cakes. They are encouraged to use the herbs to add to their concoctions.

November 3rd 001.JPG
Jan 19th 048.JPG

The Fairy Garden

This is our sensory garden.

It offers natural and magical experiences.

It has bug houses to explore, musical instruments and a large sandpit. The children love exploring this garden.

It is filled with lots of fairy doors.

The children like to leave gifts for the fairies and make houses for all the insects and creatures that live there.

The environment is nature based. This enables the children to collect natural treasures and resources to construct and create.

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